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ABC Plan

We are pleased to present the Sector Plan for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change for the Consolidation of a Low Carbon Economy in Agriculture, also called the ABC (Low Carbon Emission Agriculture) Plan. This Plan is an important part of Brazil’s commitment to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), undertaken at the 15th Conference of the Parties - COP15 held in Copenhagen in 2009 to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases between 36.1% and 38.9% by 2020, totaling one billion tons of CO2 eq.

Facing both the already detected climate change and its projections through out this century and also taking into account the increasing frequency of extreme events, the vulnerability of agricultural systems and the importance of agriculture for global economy, food and nutrition security, it is mandatory that countries cooperate to develop effective regional policies based on the best available scientific.

In this context, Brazil is investing in long-term research in agricultural sector by means of the Federal Agricultural Research Company - EMBRAPA. Besides being a full time research institute with 48 research center in Brazil, many international established facilities to promote scientific cooperation and prospection and 40 years of scientific contributions, it is also part of Embrapa’s attribution to support the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) giving technical and scientific advise for the definition of public policies related to climate changes and agriculture.


Acesse informações sobre o Plano ABC em português:


Meio ambiente e produção 20/10/2016 17:10 Agropecuária de baixo carbono será debatida em Brasília
Ciclo de palestras 04/10/2016 14:44 Pecuária sustentável exige inovação e mudanças de métodos
Sustentabilidade 23/08/2016 16:40 Programa ABC liberou R$ 2 bi em crédito no ano-safra 2015/2016
Preservação ambiental 06/07/2016 19:31 Coalizão Brasil pede apoio do Mapa para ter acesso aos dados do CAR
Clima 03/12/2015 17:56 Brasil apresenta Plano ABC em evento paralelo à COP 21

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