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Agro+ Investments Portfolio

publicado 26/04/2018 11h01, última modificação 14/11/2018 18h16

The Agro+ Investments Portfolio is a database of projects of national agribusiness companies interested in receiving foreign direct investment (FDI) from foreign investors and funds. The main purpose of these projects is the expansion of the activities, either in terms of production, processing or commercialization, with gains in productivity and efficiency for the companies.

In the following link you can search for investment opportunities in Brazilian Agribusiness. You can refine your search by marking boxes for each one of options groups (State, City, Actuation and Investment) and by clicking into one of the interest graphic bars or share, in accordance to user’s defined criteria.

After refining your search, a table will show all matching results that can be downloaded by users. In case of interest for any one of those projects, just e-mail investimentos.dpi@agricultura.gov.br asking for the contact of the company/companies of interest.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply is only responsible for matching make of companies and investors and does not take part of any negotiation between involved parts.


AGRO+ Investments Panel


If you want to download a consolidated version of the portfolio with a brief description of the projects registered, check the file below:

• Portfolio – 02/10/2018 (PDF)



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